• Complex 39 Launch Center
    This best selling 10 piece set includes
    2 astronaut figures, a detailed launch pad,
    a launch countdown sign, mobile command
    center van and a metal diecast orbitor that
    features: bay doors that open to reveal a
    poseable, robotic arm with detachable satellite.
  • Shuttle Orbiter
    The Collectible Orbiter Set includes authentic
    NASA Shuttle Patch and highly detailed
    shuttle orbiter.
  • Astronaut Inflate
    The Inflatable Vinyl Astronaut stands
    a huge 24” tall. It is highly detailed
    and constructed of heavy gauge material.

The Most Authentic Space Toys On Earth!

One small step from the real thing! These highly detailed toys, mission patches and replicas combine heroic astronauts and highly-detailed vehicles from the space programs of the past, present, and near future. These incredibly realistic space toys promote true-life heroes, teach history, and inspire young explorers to reach for the stars! This authentic collection of space miniatures brings the tradition, the dream, and the fun of the NASA program to aspiring young space explorers!

We hope you will enjoy our value and quality of our toys and visit one of our respected retail partners near you and become an owner of one of our “Most Authentic Space Toys On Earth”.


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Did You Know that there is more than one space shuttle?


First Launch Date:

October 3, 1985

Atlantis’s Maiden Flight was the second dedicated to the Department of Defense.




First Launch Date:

May 7, 1992

Endeavour had the first EVA (extravehicular activity) involving 3 Astronauts.




First Launch Date:

August 30, 1984

Discovery deployed the Hubble Space Telescope in April 1990.